Anchor Fund

Building Capacity for Kingdom Mission

The Lord has blessed us with the people, passion, and vision for significant kingdom mission beyond our work to plant, equip, and multiply gospel-centered Anglican churches. With your help, we can expand mission in new areas to reach new people with the gospel.

Ministry Initiatives

Support Bp. Andudu as he ministers to non-English-speaking congregations throughout the diocese. He is currently serving four congregations throughout the diocese and preparing to plant two more. Bp. Andudu offers episcopal oversight and pastoral training to existing congregations and brings along other congregations seeking to enter into the diocese.

We recognize that the diocese does not currently represent the diversity of God's kingdom. The Antioch Fund will recruit non-white leaders into the diocese to change that. They will receive robust Anglican pastoral training in preparation to be sent out as leaders and church planters throughout the diocese.

Younger generations are leaving the church in droves. This initiative is designed to transform our children, youth, and young adult ministries into vibrant sources of future leadership in the church and the culture by developing unified, Christ-centered discipleship models and resources.

We have a robust church planter training process in place, but there is room for improvement. We're initiative will develop new training, systems, and resources to better-prepare our church planters and their teams so they can plant dynamic, lasting churches.

We have an ambitious vision for ministry in 2021 and beyond. To follow through and do our work well, we need to develop staff and administrative resources, as well as continue to fund the day-to-day operations of the diocese.

How to give

Anchor Fund Offering

The key event of the Anchor Fund is the Anchor Fund Offering. Each church will hold a special offering on two Sundays during Eastertide or Advent. We're asking every adult to give a one-time gift of $50 and each teen (13-19) to give one-time gift of $25 above and beyond their usual tithing to they local church.

Give to an Initiative

Give directly to an initiative that speaks to your passions and priorities. Each Initiative is a designated fund, so any money directed to a specific initiative will only be used for work in that area of ministry.

To give to a specific initiative, by check, please write "Anchor Fund - [preferred initiative]" on the memo line (ex. "Anchor Fund - Next Gen.).

If you give online, you can select the the initiative you'd like to give to.

Give to the General Operations Fund

Give to the Anchor Fund General Operations Fund and let the diocesan team will determine the best way to use your gift. Money given to the Anchor Fund will only be used for the ministry initiatives listed as part of the Anchor Fund.

To give to the Anchor Fund General Fund by check, please write "Anchor Fund General Operations" on the memo line.

If you give online, please select "Anchor Fund: General" as the account you will be giving to.


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