Family, Bluegrass, and the Gospel

by Rev. Robert Hocutt on February 09, 2024

The last few years we've hosted Convocation and Synod at Church of the Holy Spirit in Roanoke, VA. It's my job to manage the thing, so I've gotten a chance to know the city and build relationships with some local vendors. Every time I mention to a vendor that I'm working with Church of the Holy Spirit, the first thing I hear is, "Oh Holy Spirit! That's where Quigg is, right?" It would seem that Bishop Quigg knows everyone in the city of Roanoke!

Actually, in my eight years working with bishop Quigg in and around the Anglican Church in North America, I've come to believe that he knows everybody, period. All of the people. Everywhere.

That being case, I was amused, but wholly unsurprised when Bishop Quigg told me he had some connections in the recording industry in Nashville, was friends with some of the bluegrass music world's heavy hitters, had two virtuoso bluegrass musicians at his church, and they just recorded a new song. Would I like to hear it?

Of course I would.

The surprise kicked in when I heard the song and got more of the story. Bishop Quigg sings lead on the track and it's delightful, but I was really taken with the instrumentals. You can tell there are some top-notch players on this song. Just listening, you'd have no idea they're teenagers!

Playing banjo and mandolin on the track are the Brothers Young, a family bluegrass duo made up on Ayden, 18, the banjo player, and Blane, 13, the mandolin player. After hearing their song, I had to know more so I sat down with the brothers and Bishop Quigg to hear their story and get their thoughts on family, bluegrass, and the gospel. 

Below you can listen to our conversation and more music featuring the Brothers Young.

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Listen to "A Robin Built a Nest on Daddy's Grave"

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