Leadership Development

Shaping Christ-Like Leaders

Our growth, our cultural engagement, and the vitality of our churches – all of this depends on authentic, Christ-centered leadership. Therefore, we nurture and develop leaders with great intentionality.

Many of our leaders came to Anglicanism from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions because they were convinced that the various streams of the historical Church – including the catholic, reformed, and evangelical – could be fully expressed in missional, orthodox ways through the Anglican tradition. This Anglican identity provides a common core to our life together, even as it expresses itself with different emphases and styles from one parish to another.

We believe our unity and diversity is a great strength, and this is maintained with a notable spirit of friendship and collaboration. Our leaders and churches enjoy each other and see themselves as part of a common mission. By God’s grace the Diocese of Christ Our Hope plants a variety of new churches every year, and many of these churches are planted as a collaborative effort across multiple churches in the diocese.

This missional focus, along with an ethos of generosity and a concern for nurturing “pastor-theologians”, means that we seek to proactively welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds who are called to Anglicanism. In particular, we are attentive to men and women who God might be calling to ordained ministry, whether as deacons or priests.


Ordination & Credentialing

We seek to nurture, support, and equip those who are called to ordained ministry, and we have a thoughtful, supportive system to guide ordinands through that process. On average, the Diocese of Christ Our Hope has approximately 50 or so men and women going through the ordination process at any one time. To have this many leaders pursing Holy Orders is a great delight, and it is a stewardship in Christ’s church that we take very seriously.

We also welcome leaders from other denominations who are considering ministry in the Anglican tradition.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Christ Our Hope may receive the transfer of duly ordained clergy from another ACNA diocese, or receive the orders of clergy from another Anglican jurisdiction. Upon examination of orders, he may also receive ministers who were ordained in historic succession, but are not currently resident in an Anglican jurisdiction. 

Ordination Pathway


Credentialing Guide

Educational Opportunities

Anglican Studies Program

The Anglican Studies Program is a certificate designed for those who are new to the Anglican tradition. Our program is a robust, highly relational, and cost-­effective course of study taught by clergy in the Diocese of Christ Our Hope. Participants can expect to finish the program having been theologically and spiritually formed in distinctly Anglican ways. 

Program Flier

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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Partnership

We developed a partnership with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to offer a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM). This robust, innovative program is designed to prepare future Anglican clergy and lay leaders for thoughtful ministry in today’s world. It is a 48 credit-hour degree, offered part-time in an online-live hybrid format, with in-person cohort clusters across the diocese. It is specifically designed for those with jobs and families. Students will be provided an academic foundation, with an Anglican emphasis, in subjects such as Bible and theology, while also being trained in practical areas such as apologetics, pastoral counseling, and church leadership. The degree will be offered at a 40% discount from Gordon-Conwell’s standard tuition rate through their ministry partnership program.

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