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Anglican Spiritual Direction

The Diocese of Christ Our Hope has partnered with Leadership Transformations, Inc. (LTI) to offer a uniquely Anglican cohort of their Selah: Certificate in Spiritual Direction. LTI's Selah-Anglican Certificate is hosted by the Diocese of Christ Our Hope, but open to anglicans around the ACNA


Find a spiritual director

Spiritual directors are available throughout the diocese and the ACNA. Learn more and schedule an appointment below. 

For Spiritual Directors

Please consider the following if you would like to join our list of available spiritual directors:

The Diocese of Christ Our Hope desires to support the accessibility of spiritual direction to its clergy and church members by having a resource list of available spiritual directors. We are asking anyone who would like to be added to the diocesan resource list to review the following information:

  • Gives full assent to the Jerusalem Declaration.
  • Submits brief bio (less than 200 words) and photo to be uploaded to the website.
  • Has arrangements for their own ongoing development and accountability through individual or peer supervision.

Spiritual directors accompany individuals on their spiritual journey while listening from a place of deep trust in the transcendent, immanent presence of God in our lives. 

As they offer direction to others, spiritual directors continue to grow in their capacity to stay with a directee’s experiences, to discern  the movements of the Lord, and his ways of being with the directee. As they practice,  directors have the opportunity to grow in their capacity to offer listening, prayerful presence. This growth is supported by attentiveness to the director’s own internal awareness, experiences, feelings, and freedom.

Engaging in peer or individual supervision of one’s spiritual direction practice supports the growth of the spiritual director by offering space to reflect on one’s practice, thereby developing increasing capacity to be attentive to God’s presence and movements in others.

Spiritual directors are strongly encouraged to regularly participate in peer or individual supervision as a means of ongoing reflection, development, and accountability.  The Diocese of Christ our Hope is in the process of developing a list of trained supervisors who can assist spiritual directors in this important component of practice.

The Program

Selah's curriculum through an Anglican lens.

Selah: A biblical word connoting a reflective pause, a listening attentiveness in the word-crafted space of our salvation life. It suggests that the conversation going on in this space has value, and meaning, and reveals God's work in us.

LTI believes this describes what happens in spiritual direction as, with and on behalf of another, we are prayerfully attentive to God in this wide open space of his salvation work, where we are being shaped by the Holy Spirit ever more fully into the image of Christ!


Selah is intentionally trinitarian in theology - spiritual direction is paying attention to how God the Father is actively shaping a persons life through the Holy Spirit in ways that form them ever more deeply into the image of Christ.

Selah is intentionally contemplative in style - characterized by an attentive resting in Christ's presence in the direction time, noticing the movement and activity of the Holy Spirit

Selah is intentionally biblical in grounding - drawing understanding of God and his ways from the Scriptures 



Spiritual direction occurs in community - the community of the Trinity, as experienced in the community of spiritual direction. Likewise, our learning of spiritual direction is a communal learning, in the context of which we bring together classic content with lived experience. For this reason, cohorts are small - only 12-18 people in each.


Residency retreats begin and end each day with a contemplative framing of Morning Prayer and Compline. Our mornings together offer spiritual formation teaching on the rhythms of the spiritual life, informed by the Scriptures and the classics of spiritual theology. Our afternoons follow prayerful reflection in times of silence and solitude with small group spiritual direction practice, leading into evenings of interactive group discussion before entering rest.


Selah's instructional experience will offer each intern a mentoring relationship with one of our faculty, meeting for supervision in-person or online five to six times each year. In these relationships, interns will receive encouragement and feedback on their practice of spiritual direction as well as around their interaction with and appropriation of the course material.


Selah's reading list is a compilation of classic and contemporary writings on the spiritual life in general, as well as on spiritual direction in particular; works by Anglicans and on Anglican perspective are included in the conversation - "conversation" in that all we read, reflect on, and share in Selah is meant to be in ongoing conversation with the Lord. 


All content used with permission from Leadership Transformations, Inc.


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