Get to Know: Rev. Denis Ochieng

May 10, 2023


Restoration Anglican Church, Charlotte, NC

Where are you coming from? Do you have family?

My name is Rev. Denis Ochieng and I am from Kenya. I have a family that is me and my son, Darwin Ochieng. He is turning 13 next week and is in seventh grade.

What is your ministry background?

I am currently serving as a deacon overseeing a church plant. I am coming from an Anglican background back in Kenya. I served in various areas in Kenya from being Sunday school director, youth director, Kenya Anglican Men Association, lay minister, and an evangelist in the dioceses of Nairobi, Bondo, Maseno West and All Saints Cathedral Dioceses between the years of 1999- 2011.

Where do you live and serve? 

I live in Concord, NC and serve as a church planter in Charlotte, NC. I am overseeing Restoration Anglican Church in Charlotte.

What is a positive thing about your culture?

Our culture is friendly and very welcoming to other cultures. Our praise and worship in songs is very robust. Our ability in coming together as people is also very rich in the spirit of “Ubuntu”

What is complex for you about American culture?

American culture is very individualistic, which can make it hard for Americans to accept other cultures. Sometimes it feels like African culture is treated as inferior to American culture. American culture is very unrestrained, not like African cultures that are not as open.

Prayer Request:

Pray for God to bring an increase of the numbers in membership for the church to grow and for people to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for God to open more doors of ministry and outreach in the community through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for God to help us in growing to financial stability.

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