Introducing Anne Hammond

June 30, 2021

The diocese is delighted to have Anne on the team!

Anne was born and raised in a small city in Alabama and came to North Carolina in 2017 to participate in the Fellows Program at Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro. After getting married, she and her husband, Nicholas, moved to Durham in part for Anne to pursue a graduate degree at Duke in Environmental Ethics. They joined the Holy Trinity (Chapel Hill) community. Anglicanism felt like a resting place and a faithful stream of discipleship for her and her family, so she and Nicholas were confirmed in 2019. They are both planning and dreaming for a home with land, to become more dependent on their own investment in the soil, and to provide a place for their baby daughter, Coulter, to play and explore. You can find Anne with Coulter most days: taking long walks, listening to podcasts, and sitting on the floor with blocks. In her rest time, Anne enjoys reading, hiking, sipping coffee and wine at a snail’s pace, and eating delicious meals with friends.

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