executive research assistant

Diocese of Christ our Hope

Executive Research Assistant Job Description


Job Title:                   Executive Research Assistant

Reports to:               Canon for Leadership Development

Position Status:      PT 20 hrs/wk

Purpose:      The Executive Research Assistant provides administrative and research support to the Canon for Leadership Development and diocesan staff. The role is a ministry position and is therefore important that the applicant be an active and growing follower of Jesus Christ.

Job Duties and Responsibilities include:


  • Schedule, manage agendas and track actions for leadership development meetings
  • Support ordinand program including connections with spiritual directors, scheduling ordination exams, communicating with potential candidates
  • Liaising with Strategic Ministry Initiative (SMI) leaders for specific forms support - resources, budgets, meetings, strategic plan implementation
  • Communication with individual parishes on credentialing matters     

Research and Writing

  • As directed by the Canon for Leadership Development, research best practices and available resources
  • Develop first drafts/outlines for processes, standard, and documentation.
  • Develop other forms of support for ordinands, eg., diagnostic exams; PDC guidance; updated readings lists; study cohorts; new canonical exams with input from education team
  • Areas of development for tasks above may include:
    • Credentialing
    • Deaneries (organizational structures)
    • Church planting,
    • Every Tribe and Nation Initiative
    • Curacy Standards
    • Continuing education

Technology Support

  • Assist in the migration of ordination process and development to Pathwright system
  • Help create, upload, and manage education content on Pathwright and other platforms for ordinands, church planters, and clergy

Job Requirements

  • Committed Christian and member of Diocese of Christ our Hope church
  • This position requires strong organizational and communication skills 

Evaluation and Compensation

The Executive Research Assistant will receive an annual performance evaluation by the Canon for Leadership Development



Executive Research Assistant

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