The Unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ

stands firmly at the intersection of the changing currents of culture... offering hope, and engaging people, their longings, and their questions with the truth and love of God.

Our calling

Christians find themselves in a dizzying state of change that affects every dimension of our shared culture and social order. The culture is forming the Church more than the Church is forming the culture.

How we got into this dilemma and how we respond are subjects of a larger conversation that we call Standing at the Intersection of Gospel and Culture. This conversation is fundamental to the way we seek to grow and serve the Church and our communities.

Key Questions

Can the Biblically faithful Church stand honestly and confidently in the cross currents of our world today?

Do the message of Jesus Christ, the faith traditions, and the teachings of the Bible hold true?

Can we dare make a credible claim to stand at the intersection of Gospel and Culture?

How do we relate to people confused and troubled by current cultural issues?

Can we offer genuine help and hope to wounded, struggling people?

How do we process these issues ourselves, among our close friends and in our families?

How do we talk about these issues winsomely and faithfully?

How do we find and accumulate the best resources for effective Gospel mission in the world?

Can we actively live in a world with this much sustained confusion and opposition, or is it time to withdraw, protect ourselves and our families, and build an alternative society?

Our Commitment

Our vision is to see the churches of the Diocese of Christ Our Hope confidently advancing the Gospel as the most effective and winsome means to a flourishing society for all people.  

Our mission is to equip clergy and leaders in the Diocese to understand the philosophical and cultural forces shaping the hearts and minds of their people, develop effective strategies for counter-reformational ministry, and serve as public theologians and prophetic spokespeople in their communities.

What We've Done

The Diocese of Christ our Hope has directly explored key topics at the intersection of Gospel and Culture like Human identity and sexuality; immigration and immigrants.

We have also explored issues that enable us to live intentionally and faithfully in our cultural context like discipleship, the intentional formation of lifelong Christians in the context of a Post-Christian world; sorrow, lament, and hope in the context of a world of loss and conflict; God’s offer of holistic rest (body, mind, soul) for people stressed and stretched by life in the 21st Century

What We're Doing

The Diocese of Christ Our Hope is developing an action initiative for Theology, Culture, and Mission in our Diocese led by Rev Tommy Hinson, and a group of pastors, lay people, and academics who have the heart and ability for this project.

We anticipate deepening conversations about race and justice, disability and human dignity, economics and materialism, technology and Christian formation, Artificial Intelligence, and more.