Sean Slevin, LPC, LMFT

    Sean is a Licensed Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist, with a
    Master's degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. While, of course,
    being skilled and experienced with common counseling issues (e.g.,
    depression, anxiety, addictions, relationships, trauma, etc.),
    fundamentally he views his work as helping others become more human by
    growing in the character of Christ. He has been counseling in
    Harrisonburg, Virginia for many years (and a member of Church of the
    Incarnation since its early days), serving people across all walks of
    life, including pastors, ministry leaders, lay leaders and fellow

    Though Sean is not trained in spiritual direction per se, he has spent
    his adult years cultivating a way of life and character formation (for
    himself and his clients) that is fundamentally spiritual, emotional and
    embodied, strongly influenced by the Christian mystic, contemplative
    traditions. While he is a firm believer in concrete practices of both
    stillness and action he has found that what matters most is how a given
    habit shapes our character in this season of our life -- that we must
    cultivate the wisdom of a listening heart, tuned to the Spirit's
    whisperings within our own soul, in order to discern how best to
    approach whichever practices for the sake of our growth and healing in
    this particular moment.

    Note that because Sean is a counselor any work you do with him will be
    under the umbrella of counseling, though what you focus on in your work
    with him is always up to you. If you would like Sean to walk with you in
    your Christian growth journey you can reach out to him via Transitions

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